Conservatory Blinds

Conservatories can become saunas in the summer and feel cold and stark in the winter. Blinds soften sun light; help to control the temperature, shade furniture and shade-loving plants as well as providing privacy. As a finishing touch blinds add individuality and character to your conservatory.

SPF™ Fabric
This conservatory blinds fabric has a Solar Pearlised Finish, meaning that it is manufactured with additional light reflecting properties. This helps to soften the light, reduce any glare and will have a certain energy saving advantages. On an average home this could result in up to an 11% saving or around £95.*

SPC® Fabric
This conservatory blind fabric has a solar protective coating on the back meaning that it will reflect light and heat more effectively. This has the double advantage of preventing heat loss in the winter and reducing heat build up on warmer days. This energy advantage could total 12% or a £110 saving over a year in an average household.*

ESP® Fabric
At the top of the range is this blackout fabric, giving the best solar qualities and complete privacy. Choose this fabric if you have a south facing conservatory with a particular heat problem. A study has shown that this fabric can give an energy saving of 15% or £133/year on an standard family home.*

* Based on a single glazed, 3 bedroom detached property.